MC692018 – Viva Pulse – Teams Chat Notifications Requires Latest Viva Pulse Teams App Version (archived)

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In addition to email and Teams Activity feed notifications, Viva Pulse will begin to deliver notifications through Teams Chat. Users will only receive Teams Chat notifications if they have the latest Viva Pulse Teams app version installed (Version 1.0.9 or higher). As the admin, you can do the following to ensure users receive Teams Chat notifications:
Create a Teams app setup policy to install the latest Viva Pulse Teams app version for users in your tenant.
Encourage users on old Microsoft Teams to select Upgrade in the banner at the top of the page when they visit the Viva Pulse Teams app.
Encourage users on new Microsoft Teams to select Apps on the left side of Teams, Manage your apps at the bottom left of the screen, and Update next to Viva Pulse.
Through the Viva Pulse chatbot, Teams Chat notifications will be sent for the following scenarios:
Welcome message when the tenant admin installs the Viva Pulse app on users in the tenant and the user installs the Viva Pulse app from the Teams app store.
The feedback author creates a Pulse request where recipients can respond inline in the Teams Chat notification or respond in the Viva Pulse Teams app.
The feedback author shares a Pulse report.
The feedback author’s Pulse is closed.
This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 164904
[When this will happen:]
This is currently rolling out and expected to complete by late November 2023.

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