MC688930 – Teams admin center: App centric management and changes to app permission policies

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check before: 2023-11-25


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App centric management introduces new admin settings to control who in the tenant can install Teams apps. First, admins can set a default value for new apps that are published to the Teams app store. Second, admins can manage apps for users, groups, or everyone in the organization. This feature replaces the existing app permission policies and provides admins with the ability to manage access to the app individually. The app permission policies for existing customers are migrated to maintain existing app availability in the tenant.
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This feature will gradually roll out across three major phases.
Phase 1 (from late November 2023 to early February 2024) affects the tenants that use only the Global app permission policy and have no custom app permission policies. The app status from the permission policy and tenant settings will be migrated to preserve the admin intent. The migration will not affect the end users and their ability to use the apps. Admins may see the Manage apps page in a read-only mode for a short time.
Phase 2 (more details coming soon as a follow up MC post) affects the tenants that use both global and custom app permission policies. This phase will let the admin choose to migrate to app centric management by following a migration process that will change the existing app permission policies to app assignments in the new app centric model. The admins will have the choice to modify the apps that are assigned using the custom permission policies to be accessible to groups, if they want.
Phase 3 (more details coming soon as a follow up MC post) applies to the tenants that skipped the migration in phase 1 or 2. These tenants will be migrated automatically in this phase.

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