MC687205 – Manage Surface Hub 3 devices in Teams admin center and Teams Rooms Pro Management portal

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Surface Hub 3 is now officially joining the Microsoft Teams Rooms family as an all-in-one Teams Rooms board running Teams Rooms on Windows.

This integration brings a unified experience to all your meeting spaces, allowing your team to seamlessly transition from one room to another. Whether you are using the streamlined, touch-first interface on Surface Hub 3 or the traditional console-based Teams Rooms setup, the experience remains consistent.
As Admins, you will be delighted to know that you can now manage Surface Hub 3 in the Teams Admin Center, right alongside your Teams rooms on Windows devices. Surface Hub 2S devices running the legacy Windows 10 Team edition experience will continue to show in the “Surface Hubs” tab.
For those with Teams Rooms Pro licenses, you can effortlessly monitor and manage your Surface Hub 3 devices through the Teams Rooms Pro Management portal.
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Standard Release: We will begin rolling out in early December and expect to complete in mid-December.

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