MC685932 – Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management: Retention policy support for more types of Microsoft Teams control messages (archived)

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check before: 2023-11-13


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Microsoft Teams control messages are system-generated artifacts that contain information about actions taken in Teams - for example, adding or removing a user from a chat. These messages show up on the Teams client as system messages. More information on these types of messages can be found here.
Currently control messages generated while adding or removing a member to a chat or Team, within Teams chats and Teams Channels (Standard Private, Shared) locations were included in the supported types of messages for retention policies for Teams.
We are pleased to announce an improvement to add support for retention and deletion of more types of Teams control messages using retention policies for Teams ("Phase 2”). The additional types included are as follows:
Chat renamed
Team renamed
Team description changed
Rename Channel and Channel Description
Channel added
Member role updated to/from Owner
Channel deleted
Start/Stop sharing channel with a team
Note: “Channel” includes Standard, Private, and Shared Channels.
[When this will happen:]
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out in mid-November and complete in early December.

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