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New capabilities coming soon to Microsoft 365 Apps admin center to help Admins unblock access to Microsoft 365 Copilot on licensed devices! Now Admins can activate Current Channel Profiles in Cloud Updates and switch Update Channels for their Devices or AAD Groups in Inventory.
Overview of upcoming changes:
In Inventory (, Admins can switch channel of their devices or AAD Groups by clicking 'Show all devices' under Data Insights and then clicking 'Switch Device Update Channel' link over the Device Schema. The can pick targeted channel and devices/AAD groups in the flyout and click 'Move Devices'. Device/(s) will reflect in targeted channels in Inventory within 24 hours and will continue to receive updates from Internet. If Cloud Updates are not already enabled, the Channel Change action will also automatically enable Cloud Updates, in other words, activate Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel Profiles - if not already active. This way you can unblock your Copilot users from accessing Copilot capabilities. Checkout this 'How-to' video to learn more: How to trigger an update channel change for devices in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center.

Cloud Updates will offer an 'Enable Cloud' button on the home dashboard of Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center, 6will activate profiles for Current channel and/or Monthly Enterprise Channel (if not already active) in about 30 minutes. If the change does not reflect, it is suggested to refresh the webpage. Devices will be mapped to respective profiles based on their channel and will receive updates based on Profiles rules as configured by the admin. Checkout this 'How-to' video to learn more: Cloud Updates - Enabling the Current Channel Profile

All the 'Tenant Settings' in Overview Page of Cloud Updates i.e. 'Exclude Groups' and 'Exclusion Window' will be applicable across all active profiles i.e. Current and Monthly Enterprise Channel.

Exclude Groups: If an admin adds an AAD Group to 'Exclude Groups' setting, the devices in this group will be excluded from Cloud Updates. The devices will be marked under 'Cloud Update Status' column as 'Excluded from Current Channel or Monthly Enterprise Channel' in the Inventory (Device Schema) within 30 mins. After this information is reflected in Inventory, Admins can manage these devices by first setting 'ignoreGPO = 0' for these devices before beginning to manage them using management tool of choice. Checkout this 'How-to' video to learn more: Cloud Updates - How to exclude devices using Azure AD groups.
In Current Channel Profiles, Overview Page will have Rollout information representing current and next release dates for updates. Update Progress chart will display devices in the current channel which have been updated to the latest version available as well as which have not yet started the update. Admin can view all devices which are part of Current Channel profiles by clicking 'View all devices.' Learn more in this video: Cloud Updates - Overview of Current Channel Profile

In Monthly Enterprise Channel Profiles, you can now validate updates in production via Deployment Validation. This will help you get statistically significant report for application compatibility across all your add-ins on devices in first wave to give you a high confidence for further rollouts to remaining waves. Microsoft highly recommends that you move all your devices from non-monthly channels such as semi-annual into Monthly Enterprise Channel to alleviate any of your application compatibility/ add-in related concerns with respect to updates. Learn more here: Introducing Deployment Validation in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center
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Standard Release: We will begin rolling out these changes from mid-October 2023 through mid-November 2023 to all customers except those using group inclusions.

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