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check before: 2023-10-12


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When using the test function in the Compliance portal or in PowerShell to test Exact Data Match (EDM) matches, the resulting EDM matches will be returned along with matches for the Sensitive Information Types (SITs) configured as EDM primary elements to help admins troubleshoot when EDM is not returning expected matches.

With this new capability, you can understand that:
1. EDM won’t match if there is no base SIT detected (no EDM lookup occurs when no primary elements in the EDM SIT are detected in the content).
2. EDM won’t match if the base SITs detected (and surfaced in the test cmdlet) in the content don’t match what was hashed and uploaded.
With this release, we are also adding the ability to test the EDM SIT from the EDM UI (New EDM experience only) – the test button will be accessible in the overlay that is displayed when clicking on the EDM SIT in the EDM UI.
This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 169088
[When this will happen:]
Rollout will begin in late September and is expected to be complete by late October.

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