MC666964 – Microsoft Teams: Group Policy Assignment Rank Assistance (archived)

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As an admin, you use policies to control Microsoft Teams features that are available to users in your organization. To easily manage different types of user needs, Teams provides group policy assignment, which lets you assign custom policies to user groups.

Effective policy for a user is determined by precedence rules. If a user isn't directly assigned a policy of a given type, the policy assigned to a group that the user is a member of takes precedence. If a user is a member of multiple groups, the policy that has the highest (group assignment ranking) for the given policy type takes precedence.
The Group policy assignment rank assistance feature will help admins by displaying key pieces of information such as group user count, recommendation to give rank 1, and precedence rules, so that admins can make better decisions while managing policies for their user groups.
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We will begin rolling out in mid-August 2023 and expect to complete rollout by late August 2023.

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