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Today, Entra ID (Azure AD) Multifactor Authentication supports delivering one-time passcodes (OTPs) via text message. These texts get sent to the default messaging app on a user's phone depending on the phone's operating system. To help deliver OTPs to users on their preferred messaging platform, Entra ID will roll out delivery to WhatsApp in select regions.

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Starting September 2023, users in India, Indonesia and New Zealand may start receiving multifactor authentication (MFA) text messages via WhatsApp. Only users that are enabled to receive MFA text messages and already have WhatsApp on their phone will get this experience. The initial set of users will receive the update by mid-October, however further rollout is expected to take an extended period of time. We will update this Message center post as additional expansion occurs.
The sender agent in WhatsApp where users will see the OTPs will be branded as Microsoft with a verified checkmark.

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