MC650423 – GA Rollout for Microsoft Edge management service in the Microsoft 365 admin center

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check before: 2023-08-04


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The Microsoft Edge management service, a new, dedicated and simplified management experience for Microsoft Edge in the Microsoft 365 admin center, is rolling out now for general availability. This tool allows IT admins to manage group policies and extensions with a simplified, intuitive UI. Admins can set policies through toggles and drop-down menus instead of the complexity of configuring JSON values, which helps reduce errors. This solution is another option for managing Edge that lives alongside Intune and other major endpoint solutions.

Global admins and Edge admins in the Microsoft 365 admin center can create and manage policies and extensions and assign these configurations to Azure AD groups using the intuitive UI. In the extensions tab, admins can access Edge Add-ons to search for, see ratings, add, and delete extensions, as well as view user extension requests, all in one easy-to-navigate location.
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Edge management service is rolling out now in the Microsoft 365 admin center. If using Edge version 115.1934 and earlier, please use these steps to enable. If using Edge version 115.1935 and later, Edge management service is enabled by default.

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