MC649481 – Microsoft 365 compliance center update: eDiscovery Premium Ability to Export Teams as Individual Messages (archived)

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check before: 2023-08-02


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We are releasing the feature to provide the opportunity to choose the ability to export Microsoft Teams messages as individual messages in eDiscovery (Premium).
Today with large cases in eDiscovery (Premium), organizations can export Microsoft Teams conversations for up to 12 hours of the searched message. However, for many organizations, there is a need to export the searched messages as individual messages. This will enable you to export the messages of the Teams and Yammer data source as individual messages which match the searched criteria. This will enable the easy parity of the eDiscovery Standard and Premium functionality.
While committing to review set, unselect the Teams and Yammer conversations. This will commit your review set with individual messages. Once the collection is committed, you can export the documents and messages in the review set. The exported result will contain individual messages for Teams and Yammer instead of the conversation thread.
Please note: The Yammer and Teams conversation is default selected. If you keep this selected the review set would have Teams and Yammer conversation threads related to the matched search.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 142092
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Standard Release: This is currently rolling out and expected to complete by late July.

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