MC557104 – New details on IE11 desktop application next steps (archived)

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Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) visual references, such as the IE11 icons on the Start Menu and taskbar, will no longer be removed by Windows update as previously communicated. Based on customer feedback, organizations will maintain control over determining the timing to remove IE11 UI elements from their devices, if they have not already done so. Note: IT teams can remove IE11 visual references on Windows 10 devices by using the Disable IE policy.

Additionally, over the coming months a small subset of exceptional scenarios where IE11 is still accessible will be redirected to Edge, ensuring users access a supported and more secure Microsoft browser. Details will be available in the Windows and Microsoft Edge release notes.

As a reminder, IE11 has been out of support since June 15, 2022, and was permanently disabled on February 14, 2023. These changes are intended to provide a better user experience and smoothly transition users from IE11 to Microsoft Edge to ensure a faster and more secure browsing experience.

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IE11 visuals can be removed at organizations’ discretion by using the Disable IE policy
Changes will be made over the next coming months to redirect a small subset of exceptional scenarios where IE11 is still accessible to Edge.

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