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There are a few new features/updates in Exchange Admin Center that we are announcing:
The Dynamic Distribution Groups (DDGs) Report is now available in the new EAC. This report is designed to bring insight into your organization’s DDGs usage to help better manage your DDGs. You can query the usage for used/unused or all DDGs for a selected timeframe up to 90 days.
Additionally, there will be UI changes under the page Recipients>Groups>Dynamic distribution list in the new EAC that will be available by June. For a specific DDG, you will be able to view all members, last time it was refreshed, and the next scheduled refresh in the new EAC.
There will be a new feature and UI changes under the page Mail flow>Accepted Domains that will be available by June. You will be able to select whether to allow or disable sending for a specific domain. Additionally, you will be able to quickly denote whether sending from a domain is allowed or disabled for a specific domain on the Accepted domains landing page with the new "Allow Sending" column that will be added.
[When this will happen:]

The new Dynamic Distribution Groups report is now available for all regions in WW.
The UI changes on the Groups>Dynamic distribution list page will be available by late June 2023.
The new feature and UI change on the Accepted Domains page will be available by late June 2023.

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