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Make better informed decisions about rolling out updates across your environment with especially designed information tools. Attend the upcoming webinar for IT admins on May 24, 2023 about the information capabilities of Windows release health and improve your deployment strategy.

Windows release health is an information hub that empowers you to better manage Windows updates. It’s available publicly and through the Microsoft 365 admin center (authenticated portal). You can use it to find details about Windows known issues, safeguard holds, hardening changes, monthly updates, lifecycle updates, and new versions of Windows. In this Teams live event, you’ll learn to use these capabilities and the improvements we’ve made to your experience. Follow links to submit your questions and feedback in advance, as well as register for the event at What's new in Windows release information experiences.

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This Teams live event will take place on May 24, 2023 at 8:00am (PDT).

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