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We are excited to announce that tenant isolation for Power Platform is now generally available (GA) in all clouds. Tenant isolation makes it easy for administrators to ensure that connectors used in apps and flows can be harnessed in a safe and secure way within the tenant, while minimizing the risk of data exfiltration outside the tenant.

Tenant isolation is generally available on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, in all regions and clouds. The change removing the “preview” tag in Power Platform admin center is being deployed in all regions and will be available worldwide by Saturday, May 20, 2023.

How will this affect me?
Tenant isolation enables administrators in your organization to restrict AAD-based connections from other tenants into their tenant (inbound access control) and from their tenant into other tenants (outbound access control) via Power Platform applications and flows. When enabled, tenant isolation will protect organizations from inbound or outbound connections for all cross-cloud scenarios.

Power Platform tenant isolation enforces restrictions on connections within the realm of Power Platform connections without impacting cross tenant access to services outside of Power Platform. Depending on the business use case, administrators have the option to specify an explicit list of exceptions and allow some tenants to either connect to or from the target tenant, or both inbound and outbound directions. When configured, these tenants will bypass tenant isolation controls. These configurations are available for administrators through an easy-to-use experience in the Power Platform admin center.

Enabling tenant isolation is a best practice that we recommend for all customers. It complements other controls, such as conditional access, by restricting what tenants end-users are connecting from or to, an evaluation that is performed post connection authentication.

Where can I learn more?
Review the tenant isolation documentation to find more details about Power Platform tenant isolation and how you easily configure the policy and any exceptions rules.

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