MC548106 – Microsoft Teams: Install apps based on user activity with Auto install approved apps (AAA)

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check before: 2023-05-12


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We are expanding the audience for this Message center post as we are getting ready to roll this change to the audience who saw the post originally, and after that to the rest of our customers per the schedule below. The product name has also changed from Zero-touch app install to Auto install approved apps.
Microsoft Teams Auto install approved apps (AAA) uses activity from your users to install and surface apps that admins have already allowed for the tenant. An admin can enable AAA to help users naturally discover and use apps that are highly relevant to their needs within Microsoft Teams. Specifically, when a user signs into specific SaaS apps using Azure AD (e.g. in web browser), the app will be installed for that user on Teams.
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AAA provides the right apps to the right users at the right time. Admins and users benefit from:

App governance is respected: there is an admin control to turn ON/OFF, launched as default OFF. Installs will not happen for blocked apps and users.
Last-mile delivery: admins have done the hard part of deciding which apps/users to allow. AAA simply helps roll out these apps to the right users.
Cross-platform convenience: users can easily access the same apps they are currently using on other platforms, now in Teams.
Discovery: many users are not aware their apps are available on Teams - AAA brings it to them without manually searching in the app store.
License maximization: maximize the value of SaaS licenses by having the same app available on multiple platforms.

In the Teams admin center, there is also a new App permissions section in every app's detail page that lists the app permissions. This is the same app permissions shown in the Teams client app store for every app today, now available for admins to conveniently view. This may assist you as you review the apps supported by AAA.

[When this will happen:]

Customers who previously received this Message center post will begin receiving this feature early May 2023 and we expect to complete by mid-May 2023.
New customers who are receiving this Message center post will begin receiving this feature mid-May 2023 and we expect to complete by early June 2023.

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