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Meeting category insights in the Viva Insights app helps Viva Insights licensed users understand how they are allocating their time across meeting categories. Today, the feature uses the categories manually assigned by users in Outlook and Teams. In an upcoming update, meeting category insights will begin automatically categorizing meetings for users based on meeting size, cadence, and number of people in the meetings. Categories include:

Long meetings – More than 1 hour long and 0-8 invitees
Large meetings – At least 9 invitees and at most 1 hour long
Large and long meetings – At least 9 invitees and more than 1 hour long
Recurring meetings – Meeting series with multiple instances
1:1 meetings – Include 1 other participant
These categories can help users identify meetings that are expensive in terms of time spent, participants included, or both. Using these insights, users can assess whether meetings that fall under this category are a valuable use of time and resources as a step towards doing more with less.
Categorizations will show up in Viva Insights only and will not reflect in Outlook or Teams calendar.
With this update, users who are not currently categorizing in Outlook or Teams will be able to access meeting category insights and begin developing an understanding of how their meeting time is being spent. Users who are already categorizing will receive additional insights about their meeting time allocation according to well-known meeting attributes.
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We will begin rolling out in early May 2023 and complete rollout by late May 2023.

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