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We apologize for the late message center notification for the Visual Refresh of Microsoft 365 apps for Windows. The Microsoft 365 Visual Refresh uses the Fluent Design principles to deliver an intuitive, coherent, and familiar experience across all your applications. The Visual Refresh was released alongside Windows 11 in June 2021. We have been slowly rolling out the feature via the Coming Soon pane and making improvements based on your feedback. The Visual Refresh on Windows 11 is currently available for all Microsoft 365 Subscription and Perpetual 2021 users in Production Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel. Windows 11 users can still opt-out via the Coming Soon pane. A bug in the rollout caused Windows 10 production Microsoft 365 Subscription and some Perpetual 2021 users to not receive the change.
Upcoming Change
The Visual Refresh will be initially released as an opt-in experience for Windows 10 production Microsoft 365 Subscription users via the Coming Soon pane. Perpetual 2021 Windows 10 and Windows 11 users will receive the Visual Refresh by default and can opt-out via the Coming Soon pane.
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Visual Refresh Opt-In Availability for Windows 10
Preview: Available now
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out mid-April and expect to complete by mid-May.

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