MC538583 – Feature Update: Windows Autopatch quality updates release communications

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Starting April 7th, 2023, Windows Autopatch admin contacts will receive Windows quality update release communications on the registered email address for the admin contact. The goal of release communications is to help you prepare for upcoming rollouts and also provide status on the deployment progress. If you do not want to receive communications via email, each admin can opt-out from the Microsoft Intune admin center.

When this will happen
General Availability of this feature is available starting April 7th, 2023.

How will this affect your organization?
With this feature, your registered email(s) will receive three emails for each Windows quality update deployment cycle.

Release schedule email will be sent 7 days before monthly update release date and will include the roll out schedule for each deployment ring in the tenant. If desired, admins can change the schedules before deployment starts in support of your business requirements. Refer to documentation to learn more about how to customize deployment cadence and how to Pause/Resume updates for a deployment ring.
Release reminder email will be sent 1 day before monthly update release date and will include the final schedule for the rollout. NOTE: We don’t recommend that you change your schedule once the deployment cycle has started.
Release Summary email will be sent 21 days after monthly update release date and will include the deployment status across your tenant.

To opt out from receiving release emails, go to the Microsoft Intune admin center > Tenant Administration blade > Windows Autopatch section > Admin contacts blade. Select the contact you want to opt-out for and select Edit Contact. Clear the Send me emails for Windows update releases and status checkbox and then select Save to apply your changes.

Please note that, even if you opt-out from receiving communication on your email, the messages will be available for review on the Tenant Administration blade > Windows Autopatch section > Messages blade in the Microsoft Intune admin center.

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