MC534304 – eDiscovery support now available for Microsoft Loop Components created from Teams and Outlook via Microsoft Purview (archived)

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check before: 2023-04-12


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Loop components

Microsoft Loop components created in Teams or Outlook are now discoverable and have eDiscovery workflow support using the Microsoft Purview tool. These files are stored in the creator’s OneDrive for Business and are available for search and collection and render in review for both eDiscovery (Standard) and eDiscovery (Premium). The HTML offline export format is supported on eDiscovery (Premium). You can also download and re-upload the files to any OneDrive for Business to view them in their native format.
Microsoft is currently working on a third-party export API solution for Loop components.
Loop app
The Microsoft Loop app and content created from within the Loop app does NOT yet support eDiscovery workflows. This capability update only applies to Loop components created in Teams or Outlook.
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This capability has already been rolled out to your enterprise tenant.

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