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Windows continues to improve widgets experiences on Windows 11, with features designed to help you stay connected to the things you care about without losing focus on your most important tasks.

New this month, you can expand the size of the widgets board via Expanded View. This feature allows you see more widgets and news content by increasing the widgets board from 2 columns to 4 columns. Expanded View builds on last year's improvements to widget notification settings, and updates to the widget board margins and visuals.

This feature will be available to organizations and managed devices, as long as administrators have not disabled widgets entirely.

When will this happen:
Roll out for the Expanded View began late January 2023 and is reaching full availability in February 2023.

Please note, if you have installed the latest quality updates for Windows 11, versions 21H2 or 22H2, but still don’t see all the new widgets features, it might be because some are being made available over several weeks, and might not be available to everyone at once.

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