MC500902 – Configuration Change: Azure Information Protection Add-in will be disabled by default for Office apps Icon

check before: 2023-02-07


Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft 365 suite, Purview Information Protection


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This is a follow up to MC478692 (December '22), we're making some changes to how Microsoft 365 Apps choose between the built-in client for sensitivity labels and the legacy Azure Information Protection (AIP) Add-in.
Starting with version 2302, all users of this add-in will be migrated to the modern, built-in interface for sensitivity labels in Office. Review the earliest availability dates
Beta Channel: Already available (min version 2211)
Current Channel Preview: Already available (2211+)
Current Channel: March 14, 2023
Monthly Enterprise Channel: April 11, 2023
Semi Annual Enterprise Channel: July 11, 2023
This will simplify admin configuration of sensitivity labels for Office documents and substantially improve end-user productivity from improvements to performance. For users who need to continue using the AIP Add-in during its support lifecycle, you need to deploy a new configuration for Office to explicitly allow the AIP Add-in to be used for viewing and applying labels in Office.
The new configuration setting is already available for you to deploy via group policy or cloud policy. Use this to configure an exception to allow the AIP Add-in to continue providing sensitivity labels once the minimum version is deployed.

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