MC496849 – Stream (Classic) Sets Retirement Date of Feb 15, 2024

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Microsoft will retire Stream (Classic) on February 15, 2024. Certain parts of the service will retire sooner unless you take action. For example, end users will be blocked from uploading new videos on May 15, 2023 and will not be able to access Stream (Classic) at all after October 15, 2023, unless you delay these changes by using the new migration settings in Stream (Classic) admin center. These new migration settings will become available to you in February. See the timeline in the link below for more details.
Stream (Classic)'s successor service, Stream (on SharePoint), entered general availability in October 2022. We recommend that you 1) begin using Stream (on SharePoint), 2) direct your users to upload videos SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Yammer, and 3) put a plan in place for migration.
We have not yet announced a retirement date for Stream live events. In the coming months, we will announce the retirement date of Stream live events and give you a six-month period to begin using the successor service, Teams live events with external encoder support, currently in public preview.
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