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We are introducing 3 new SharePoint site templates dedicated to helping you create sites for your HR department, to showcase Events, and a template powered by Microsoft Syntex to do contract management.
With our new HR and Events communication site templates you will be able to build sites that highlight and showcase your content and share this information broadly with your organization. The HR site brings together all of the information your employees need to navigate the complexities of employment and benefits. Our new Event template includes many great layout suggestions and will highlight any upcoming event you are planning.
With the Microsoft Syntex powered contracts management template you can learn more about how Syntex works and be able to get started right away. This template also comes with a prebuilt tutorial and some established models designed to help your team get started with Microsoft Syntex.
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Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out in early November and complete rolling out late November
Standard: will begin rolling out in late-November and complete in early December

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