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Advanced Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium provides an end-to-end solution designed to help you drive better customer experiences and operational excellence for business-to-customer engagements.
You can read details about the Advanced Virtual Appointments in Microsoft Teams features here.
1. Virtual Appointments App in Microsoft Teams
The Virtual Appointments app in Microsoft Teams includes a comprehensive dashboard that provides a quick view of an employee's schedule as integrated with Bookings. It is further enhanced with Teams Premium which unlocks a snapshot into the queue of appointments, a summary of appointment analytics, and options to manage appointments.
2. Custom Branding
Create a custom waiting room for your external attendees so they receive a branded, first-class experience from the get-go. Customize with your company’s logo, branding, and more.
3. Queue On -Demand
Empower employees to manage and service scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in one location with advanced capabilities to track wait times, live status of a meeting, and more. Scheduling administrators and staff conducting virtual appointments can monitor incoming requests and process them appropriately.
4. Organizational Analytics
A virtual appointment administrator or operations supervisor can also view aggregated analytics across their department and entire organization. They can view detailed activity for virtual appointments created. Reports also include active user information for capabilities unlocked in Teams Premium, including SMS, 2-way waiting room chat, and queuing.
5. Individual and Departmental Analytics
Individuals or departments can focus on key metrics, such as no-shows, wait times, and calendar-level analytics to drive business outcomes and improve customer experiences. Reports include trends over time and the ability to drill down into individual appointment data.
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Preview: We will begin rolling out early December 2022 and expect to complete by mid-December 2022.
Standard Release: We will begin rolling out early February 2023 and expect to complete by mid-February 2023.

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