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We plan to release a completely rebuilt Stream mobile app for iOS and Android. The rebuilt app will give your users seamless access to Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint) videos as well as Teams meeting recordings. The app also includes a design refresh, a personalized home feed, and a rich video viewing experience.
If your users currently have the Stream mobile app installed on phones or tablets and they have automatic updates turned on, then they will automatically receive the app update when it becomes available to them. Users who have the Stream mobile app who have automatic updates turned off will receive the updated version when they explicitly update the app from the respective app/play store.
This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 98916
[When this will happen:]
We expect the rebuilt app to begin rolling out in early October and to complete roll out by mid-November.
We plan to issue a forced update by early 2023 for users who have not yet updated. We will send a new Message Center post prior to the forced update.

Note: The rebuilt Stream mobile app will lack certain features that may be critical to some users, such as video recording, uploading and offline downloads. As we continue to build out the revamped mobile app, we expect to add these features in 2023.

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