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We will be rolling out the Stream web app. The web app improves how you view and publish video and audio files that are stored in or uploaded to Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The app and player experience works seamlessly with and brings key features of the Stream (classic) player to SharePoint playing experience.

To use the app, simply open an audio or video file from its location in SharePoint, OneDrive, or from a share link. Opening the file will open the Stream web app where you can easily view the video (or listen to the audio file) prepare your video for publishing with a title and description, set a custom thumbnail, add chapters, generate a transcript, share videos, and even share your video at a specific time code.
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GA: We will begin rolling out this feature in early August and expect to complete rollout by late September.
Government Clouds: This will begin rollout to Government Community Clouds in early October and expect to complete rollout by early November.

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