MC395207 – Plan for Change: New APP biometrics settings and authorization requirements for Android devices (archived)

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Currently, our biometric settings do not distinguish between Class 2 and Class 3 Biometrics. With Intune’s July (2207) service release, we are modifying fingerprint and biometric settings for Intune app protection policies (APP, also known as MAM) that apply to Android devices to accommodate Class 3 Biometrics.

When you create or modify an app protection policy, you will see the following changes on the Access requirements page:
The setting Fingerprint instead of PIN for access will be rolled into the existing setting Biometrics instead of PIN for access. This setting will apply to all biometrics (Class 2 and Class 3).
The setting Override fingerprint with PIN after timeout will be modified to Override Biometrics with PIN after timeout. This setting will apply to all biometrics (Class 2 and Class 3).
There is a new setting: Class 3 Biometrics (Android 9.0+) with a new sub-setting: Override Biometrics with PIN after biometric updates. This sub-setting applies only to Class 3 Biometrics, when selected.
Note: Support for Class 3 Biometrics depends on the device, so you may need to contact your device manufacturers to understand device-specific limitations.

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