MC380877 – Announcing the availability of Tenant-level analytics for Power Platform (archived)

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Tenant-level analytics for Power Platform admins is now available to customers hosted in all public cloud regions. These solutions allow environment admins to effectively monitor the rapid growth in creation and adoption of applications & flows across the organization.

What can I accomplish with these capabilities?
The out-of-box analytics include key performance metrics on Usage, Environments, Top Makers, and Maker activities like the creation, deployment, and deletion of apps & flows across one or more environments. The Inventory tab offers admins a consolidated view of their entire portfolio across multiple environments within a single pane of glass, allowing them to quickly identify stale and orphaned apps and flows.

Where can I learn more?
Click here to learn more about Tenant-level analytics including steps to enable access for Environment administrators. This feature is free of charge and available to all Power Platform customers hosted in the public cloud. To enable Tenant-level analytics, a Service Administrator is required to complete the 1-time operation.

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