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The previous Message Center post MC303513 (Dec '21) mentioned that we’re planning to retire the recipient and sender notification configuration in anti-malware policies. After reviewing customer feedback, we’re changing how we’re planning to retire those recipient and sender notifications.

The current notification settings are commonly used for messages that are blocked/quarantined as detected malware, or due to a file attachment in the common attachment filter settings.

As part of this change, we’re separating out the handling of notifications based on whether the message was scanned and found to be malicious vs. matches from the common attachment filter:

True malware: Both recipient and sender notifications will be retired. The message will be quarantined, and the selected quarantine policy configuration determines whether to send the end-user notifications. There is no option for sender notification.
Common attachment filter: Notifications are split into two distinct options that the admin can choose (one or the other):
Recipient notifications only: As with true malware detections, the selected quarantine policy configuration determines whether to send end-user notifications. There is no option for sender notifications.
Non delivery report (also known as NDR or bounce message)) to sender: The message is rejected in an NDR to the sender. The message is not quarantined, is not recoverable, and there’s no option for recipient notifications.
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Starting mid-May 2022 and completion of deployment by late June 2022

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