MC357303 – Announcing the General Availability of Power Platform’s latest Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities (archived)

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Power Platform has invested heavily in extending its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offering, and we are pleased to announce the general availability of two advanced capabilities, DLP connector action controls and DLP for custom connectors, that will provide administrators with a level of control that is unmatched in the industry.

What can I accomplish with these capabilities?
DLP connector action control enables admins to easily allow/block specific connector actions for each connector. For example, you could block the Delete row (V2) action for the SQL Server connector.

DLP for custom connectors enables admins to apply well known DLP constructs – like connector classification (business, non-business, blocked) – to a newer breed of connectors named custom connectors.

DLP connector endpoint filtering remains in Public Preview and we’ve postponed the general availability originally announced for March 31st, 2022. We will notify you when a new date has been scheduled and you can learn more about the feature here.

Where can I learn more?
We are confident that this new set of advanced DLP capabilities will help your organization strike a balance between productivity and protection. These features are now available for all customers in all supported regions. Want to learn more about using advanced DLP controls in your organization? Here are some resources to help you get started:
Read the online documentation on DLP connector action control and DLP for custom connectors.
Understand what best practices to follow when establishing a DLP strategy.
Complete the Microsoft Learn course about Planning and Managing your Power Platform environments.
Learn more about Data Loss Prevention policies and Power Platform governance.

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