MC354488 – Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows store application 4.12 update (archived)

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check before: 2022-04-21


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The below message is for organizations using Microsoft Teams Rooms for Windows. If you are not using Teams Rooms for Windows, you can disregard this message.
Teams Rooms on Windows is releasing Teams room Windows store application version 4.12 that includes improvements to existing functionality and additional controls for the device administrators to control application and device behavior:
IT admins can enroll a Teams rooms device to receive public preview features through XML setting. Once enrolled, the device will start to receive beta features. All features that go to beta testing are announced at Microsoft Teams Public Preview - Microsoft Tech Community.
IT admin can set Teams room display resolution and scaling remotely through XML settings
IT admin can disable Microsoft noise suppression through XML setting
IT admin can override download folder clean up on the device through registry key setting
Enabling users to join Teams meeting hosted on another cloud (i.e., GCCH customer can join Teams meetings hosted on commercial cloud and vice versa)
Teams rooms now blocks launching edge browser from URLs in PowerPoint Live as an added security measure for Teams rooms with touch displays
Meet now experience is improved to add instructions for users to invite users to the room
Support for Windows 10 21H2 feature release
Most of these changes are either improvements to the existing experiences on the device or enable IT admins to have greater control over different aspects of device/user experience.
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This update will begin to rollout in early April and is expected to be completed by late April.

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