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Loop components: Previously announced Fluid live components (MC270177 July '21) are now called Loop components and have a new icon.
Loop components in Teams chat offer a new way to ideate, create, and make decisions together. Send a component — like a table, task list, or paragraph — where everyone in your chat can edit inline and see changes as they're made.
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Loop components were first launched on Desktop, Mac, Android and iOS and are now rolling out to Web
The rename of Loop components (formerly known as Fluid live components) and the new Loop icon has taken effect. In the upcoming months, we will also be changing the file extension for new components created from .fluid to a new .loop file extension.
You can disable Loop components by following the instructions below. Today, disabling Loop components will also disable the new version of Whiteboard which is rolling out soon. These settings will be decoupled soon and a separate MC post will be sent when this modified setting is available.

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