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We are introducing a new landing page to the Power Platform admin center. Rather than the default environments tab, which displays the list of owned environments, admins will be greeted with the newly introduced Home page.

This new landing page experience for Power Platform admin center is aligned with admin experiences across other Microsoft services.

We will begin rolling out this new experience on a regional basis beginning on March 17, 2022, and we expect it to be available for all customers worldwide by April 8, 2022.

What's new?
The Home page allows for card personalization which will allow admins to add, position, and remove cards, similar to other Microsoft admin center experiences.

To begin, we are introducing three common admin center experience cards:
Message center: This card helps admins keep track of upcoming changes, including new and changed features, planned maintenance, or other important announcements.
Service health: This card allows admins to view the health of their Microsoft services. Admins can select a post to open it in the details panel. Admins can view the full list of messages across all Microsoft services by clicking on “Show All” link.
Documentation and training: This card provides links to common documentations and links to communities.
Please contact Microsoft Support if you have any questions.

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