MC333184 – Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Desktop Flows is globally available with PowerShell (archived)

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On November 2, 2021, the Power Platform started releasing the new DLP experience for Desktop Flows in the Power Platform admin center (Public Preview) region-by-region according to this release schedule. On February 10, 2022, the Microsoft Power Platform team has decided to pause the release and instead make it globally available with PowerShell.

Why is the release delayed?
For customers who had early access, when an administrator would create or edit a DLP policy in the Power Platform admin center, desktop flow modules were automatically added to the DLP policy’s default data group. When desktop flow modules are added to DLP policies, your tenant’s existing desktop flows will be evaluated against those DLP policies and will become suspended if they are non-compliant. If they have been added without your admins taking notice, your organization’s desktop flows can become unexpectedly suspended.

The Microsoft Power Platform team will stop releasing the feature to additional customers until we bring critical enhancements to the experience in the Power Platform admin center. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and applaud our customers who have shared their feedback.

What if I still want to try it out?
Option 1: All customers can now rely on PowerShell to enforce their new or updated DLP policies to their organization’s desktop flows. This capability is available to all customers globally.

Option 2: For customers who still wish to configure DLP for Desktop Flows in the Power Platform admin center, you must manually opt-in by raising a support ticket. If you open a new or existing DLP policy and can see the new desktop flow modules, then you are one of those customers who are already opted in per the original release schedule.

You can learn more about these two options here: Introduction to data loss prevention (DLP) policies. - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs.

Please contact Microsoft support if you have any questions.

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