MC312491 – Update to the Conversations vertical in Microsoft Search in Bing

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check before: 2022-01-22


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As users of Microsoft Search in Bing, you are already familiar with finding Teams and Yammer conversations via the Conversations vertical. We are pleased to inform that the Conversations vertical experience in Microsoft Search in Bing will be enhanced with Email messages. Going forward the Conversations vertical will contain Teams conversations and Email Messages. We expect that this feature will bring additional value to Microsoft Search in Bing experience for the users in your organization and make it more complete search experience.
Search results from Yammer, that is currently supported within the Conversations vertical in Microsoft Search in Bing, will appear in its own vertical. A future enhancement on the Yammer vertical will bring in a richer search experience.
This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68779.
[When this will happen:]
We will begin rolling out in mid-January and expect to complete by mid-March.
During the rollout process, some users in your organization may see the new experience ahead of others.

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