MC306109 – Important update for the Microsoft Teams Android app is now available (archived)

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Microsoft Teams app for Android update is now available to help our users with an Android OS issue which may impact emergency calling
Recently, an Android operating system issue was encountered that had the potential to impact emergency calling. An investigation was conducted and found that the issue, which is caused by an unintended interaction between the Teams app and Android operating system, is only present on a small number of devices with the Teams app installed when the user is not logged in. Microsoft has collaborated closely with Google to resolve this unintended interaction. We have released an update to the Teams app, which is now available to all Android users, that keeps the app from triggering the underlying issue in the Android operating system. Google also plans to roll-out an Android operating system update in January.
[When will this happen:]
The updated Teams app (1416/ is available now via the Google Play Store
[How you can address this:]
We suggest that any Android users with the Teams app installed take the latest update (1416/ that has been published via the Google Play Store. Please share this message with users within your organization to make sure they are aware of this update as well.
Note that this may require user action if app auto-updates are not enabled.

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