MC298823 – Reminder: Modern Lifecycle Policy for Teams Desktop Client

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As announced in MC193099, October 2019, we will be advising users to update to the latest version of Teams to ensure that users have the latest capabilities, performance enhancements, security features, and service reliability. Users who are on old versions of Teams will receive in-app notifications to encourage them to update to the latest version of Teams. In the near future, users with Teams desktop clients that are more than 3 months old will encounter a redirect page notifying them to update now or continue to Teams on the web.

In preparation for this, we have been progressively rolling out these in-app notifications in phases as announced in a series of Message Center posts. In this phase, users who are on the below versions will receive a banner notifying them to update for a grace period of 28 days beginning November 16th, 2021. Following this grace period (beginning on December 14th, 2021) users will see a re-direct page.
Windows: versions below
Mac: versions below
Example of an in-app notification:

Example of redirect page:

Following this phase our servicing agreement will be placed in full effect.
Teams desktop clients on Government Clouds or those with VDI installations currently have an exception to this servicing agreement until further notice.
[What you need to do to prepare:]
To avoid disruption to end-users, admins who have users on Teams desktop clients that are out of date should update their users to the most recent version. Please click additional information to learn more.
For information on new version releases go to Help > What’s new in the client.

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