MC292401 – Announcing public preview of Cloud Site List Management for Internet Explorer mode on Microsoft Edge

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Cloud Site List Management for IE mode.
With Internet Explorer mode (IE mode), Microsoft Edge enables a seamless single browser experience for environments with a mix of legacy and modern applications. You can control which applications need legacy compatibility such that your end-users have the most secure browsing experience without compromising business critical workflows. As you transition your workflows and applications from IE11 to IE mode in preparation for retirement of the IE11 desktop application (MC257152 (May 2021)), the preview version of Cloud Site List Management enables you to manage your site lists for IE mode in the cloud through the Microsoft Edge Site Lists experience in the M365 Admin Center.
The preview experience will enable you to store your organization’s site lists in a compliant cloud location instead of requiring on-premises infrastructure to host your site lists. You can create, edit, import, and export site lists as well as audit changes to site list entries through the Microsoft Edge site lists setting in the M365 Admin Center. Multiple site lists can be published to the cloud and group policy can be used to assign different groups of devices to use different lists.
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We expect to begin rolling this out to Targeted Release customers in mid-October 2021 and expect the GA rollout to all customers to be completed by mid-December.

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