MC289687 – We’re making changes to LinkedIn integration with the Microsoft 365 people card (archived)

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check before: 2021-10-20


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Users will no longer be required to bind their LinkedIn account to their Microsoft 365 account to view LinkedIn information on the profile card in Outlook for the Web. The contact email address is automatically submitted to LinkedIn for lookup (but not stored), and where a match is found, basic public information will be included in the Microsoft 365 profile card. Users will still have to bind if they want to see relationship info or info only visible to themselves and not public e.g. experience/education in common and skills/endorsements.

In addition to these improvements, LinkedIn integration includes Intro text from the LinkedIn member’s profile as well as recent LinkedIn posts and shared articles where available.
This non-bind experience will also be coming to Outlook Desktop, Outlook Mobile and Teams soon.
[When this will happen:]
This change will occur in early November and conclude in early December for Standard Release tenants.

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