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The Microsoft Intune setup guide provides guidance and resources for planning and deploying your tenant, apps, and services with Microsoft Intune. We have recently updated the guide to include the following configurations, see below for more details:
Turn on Endpoint analytics
Endpoint analytics is part of the ‎Microsoft Endpoint Manager‎ and introduced as part of ‎Microsoft‎ Productivity Score. These analytics give you insights for measuring how your organization is working and the quality of the experience you are delivering to your users. Endpoint analytics can help identify policies, applications, or hardware issues that might be impacting performance and productivity and help you proactively make improvements before users generate a help desk ticket.
Deploy ‎Windows‎ in cloud configuration
Windows‎ in cloud configuration helps standardize and simplify device management for users with focused workflow needs. You can use cloud config to configure new devices or to repurpose and extend the life of existing hardware. It works on any ‎Windows 10 Pro‎, ‎Windows 10 Enterprise‎, or ‎Windows 10‎ Education device. The guided workflow makes it easy to deploy the recommended apps and device configurations.
Baseline device policies and profiles
When you select a device platform (Windows, iOS, macOS, Android), the built-in tool will create baseline policies and profiles to configure your organization’s devices and apps for compliance purposes. The created policies are not assigned to any user or device group.
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These updates to the Microsoft Intune setup guide are now available.

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