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Updated September 23, 2021: In two weeks, the window for editing channel site permissions from SharePoint will close. Once this window closes on October 7th 2021, all channel site level permissions will need to be managed from within Microsoft Teams.
We recently provided guidance (June - MC261534) “SharePoint: Updates for Microsoft Teams connected team sites” about how to edit permissions for SharePoint team sites that are connected to a channel in Microsoft Teams.
In the post, we specified that the addition, removal, or the editing of permissions for a channel site would need to be done in Settings for the team in Teams.
To allow team owners more time to adjust to this change, we have temporarily enabled (for the first three weeks of September) users to continue to edit site permissions in the SharePoint team site. This will allow you to audit and remove permissions that have been added directly to the SharePoint site.
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This temporary update is available to all customers until mid-to-late September 2021.
We will alert you via a follow-up Message center post to announce when this window is closing.

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