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Updated July 26, 2021: we have updated the link below related to using the AllowSelfServicePurchase for the MSCommerce PowerShell module.
Windows 365 was announced on July 14, 2021. Today we are also announcing that self-service purchasing capabilities are coming soon for Windows 365. Individuals worldwide (excluding India) will be able to acquire a subscription for the following products as early as August 15, 2021:
Windows 365 Enterprise
Windows 365 Business
As an administrator, if you prefer to limit these capabilities, you can do so on a per-product basis. Control for Windows 365 self-purchase is available starting today via PowerShell. You can also take control of any of your users' self-service purchases, allowing you to move them from a self-service purchase to another license or to cancel their subscriptions completely. Additionally, users who are prevented from making their own purchases can make a request for a license or you as an admin can point users to an existing license request process. These features give you the ability to control how users acquire software within your organization.
For questions about self-service purchase, including how it may impact your organization, please refer to the self-service purchase FAQ.

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