MC268960 – (Reminder) Adjusting Version Retention for Outlook Data Files (PST File Type) on One Drive and SharePoint Online (archived)

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As communicated in MC256835 (May, 2021), starting August 16th 2021 the service will start retaining 30 days worth of versions for any PST files stored OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online team site document libraries. This change will prevent cases of previous versions of PST files from quickly consuming available storage.
The change will only impact previous versions of PST files stored in your document library storage.
As best practice PST files should not be uploaded on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online team site document libraries due to the impact on storage and network bandwidth. When PST files are uploaded on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online team site document libraries, Outlook updates PST files generating multiple versions which leads to storage being quickly consumed by the multiple versions of the PST file.
Note: If you wish to opt out of this policy change, the SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlet is now available. Please make sure you have the latest PowerShell client version 16.0.21411.12000 before executing the following command - Set-SPOTenant – DisableOutlookPSTVersionTrimming $true.
You will have until August 13th 2021 to opt out.This is a one time opt out operation.
The Opt out option for cmdlet will have no effect after the deadline.
New behavior will be automatically enabled if you don’t opt out by deadline. Opt out only applies to existing document libraries and does not apply to new doclib created after August 13th 2021.
Command: Get-SPOTenant/Set-SPOTenant
Parameter: DisableOutlookPSTVersionTrimming
Value: True - Opt-out to the versioning change.
False - default value
This feature is associated with Microsoft 365 ID 72237

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