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Starting on April 30, 2021, Power Apps created using the>SharePoint list app generation experience will display an in-app list of experiences in Power Apps mobile experiences when shared with Everyone. Currently, Power Apps created using>SharePoint list app generation that are shared using ?Everyone? as the audience are not discoverable to end-users using a Power Apps mobile client. These apps are connected to the SharePoint list from which they?re created, and they may be played outside of SharePoint experiences. These apps are different from>Power Apps used to customize SharePoint list forms, which are only accessible in SharePoint list experiences and will continue to only be accessible in SharePoint list experiences. How does this affect me? Users that have been provided access to an app generated from a SharePoint list will begin to see these apps listed in the Power Apps mobile experiences. This includes apps that have been shared using ?Everyone? as the audience. Users that don?t have permission to access the app will not see the app listed in Power Apps mobile experiences. App Makers and admins will have the option to change the audience the app is shared with. What action do I need to take? Once this feature is implemented, you will be able to leverage it to adjust the audience of an app for Power Apps mobile clients. No action is required at this time.

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