MC242585 – Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to be installed on devices running Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Edge

check before: 2021-04-01


Microsoft Edge, Office app, Outlook


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Web, World tenant, Windows Desktop




Microsoft 365 Apps is starting to provide new or improved features that rely on Microsoft Edge WebView2. For example, the Room Finder and the Meeting Insights features in Outlook. WebView2 uses Microsoft Edge as a rendering engine to display web-based features in a desktop application. By making use of WebView2, we can more easily provide your users with Office features that look and feel the same across device platforms. In turn, this consistent experience helps your users to learn and use those features without having to learn the nuances of Office on each device platform. WebView2 requires that WebView2 Runtime be installed on the device running Office. If WebView2 Runtime isn?t installed on the device, your users won?t be able to make use of the Office features that rely on WebView2.

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