MC223426 – (Updated) Retirement of Advanced eDiscovery 1.0 (archived)

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Updated December 17, 2020: We are updating this post as a reminder and to provide a PowerShell script that can be used to help identify cases that may have affected data. Get-ComplianceCase -CaseType eDiscovery | ?{(Get-ComplianceSearchAction -Case $_.Name -Export |?{??$_.Name -like '*AnalyzeWithZoom'}??)}?? In message center post MC199461 (January '20), we announced the retirement of Advanced eDiscovery 1.0 (also known as Advanced eDiscovery (classic). Since then, we've disabled the ability to create new Advanced eDiscovery 1.0 cases and have disabled the ability to add data to existing cases. For more information about these first stages of retirement, see Retirement of legacy eDiscovery tools - Advanced eDiscovery v1.0. We are now moving forward with the removal of all cases and case data that's stored in Advanced eDiscovery 1.0. This will happen on December 31, 2020. Note: this retirement doesn't impact cases or data in Advanced eDiscovery 2.0 ( Overview of the Advanced eDiscovery solution in Microsoft 365). The retirement of Advanced eDiscovery 1.0 also doesn't impact cases, holds, searches, and exports in Core eDiscovery ( Get started with Core eDiscovery). However, for Core eDiscovery, the removal of case data is limited to the data in Advanced eDiscovery V 1.0 that is accessed by clicking Switch to Advanced eDiscovery in a Core eDiscovery case. Key Points: Major: Retirement Timing: December 31, 2020 Action: Review and assess

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