MC221520 – New User Access Diagnostic capabilities in the Power Platform admin center (archived)

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Starting September 4th, 2020, administrators will be able to run diagnostics on individual users from the Power Platform admin center to detect potential causes to access issues and suggest potential mitigations. The feature is in Public Preview. What is changing? The new experience is in the Power Platform admin center and is available exclusively for environments with a Common Data Service database. From the ?users? page in the environment?s settings, the administrator can select a user and run diagnostics. A side panel will open and display detailed information about the user (ex. access mode, status, etc.) and the results of the diagnostics. The following validations are carried out and corresponding results are reported along with potential mitigations for any failed validation: 1. Verify if the user is enabled in Azure Active Directory. 2. Verify if the user has an active license or if the environment has available ?per app? plans. 3. Verify if the user is part of the environment?s security group (if applied as an optional security provision). 4. Verify if the user is a member of any Common Data Service security role. Tests #1, #2, and #3 all need to pass for a user to be enabled in the environment (user status = ?enabled?). Otherwise, the user will be disabled and can no longer access the environment (user status = ?disabled?). Test #4 dictates whether the user can access the data in the environment. The action of running diagnostics will force the user information to synchronize and provide up-to-date status on their properties. Why should I use this new capability? Leverage this new capability to effectively self-diagnose and self-resolve user access issues for a given environment. If the diagnostic run does not eliminate the root cause(s), then providing the details of the diagnostics in the support ticket will help Microsoft support engineers to resolve your issue. What action do I need to take? No further action is needed. This capability has been added to the Power Platform admin center and is available to all administrators who have access to the environment. Thank you for being a valued Microsoft customer. Thank you, Microsoft

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