MC219648 – New Azure AD Conditional Access policies now apply to all client apps, including legacy authentication clients (archived)

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As announced in MC191153 (Sept 2019) we are retiring legacy protocols in Exchange Online. As part of this effort, new Azure Active Directory (AD) Conditional Access policies will apply by default to all client apps, including both legacy authentication and modern authentication clients. When this will happenWe will begin rolling out this feature in early August and expect rollout to be complete by mid-August.

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  1. For years I was able to set up small business with a mix of Exchange Online E1 email and a few Business Premium accounts, and use the few Business Premium accounts (which each come with 5 activtions of Office apps on a PC). This meant that a small office of 20 users only needed 4 Business Premium licenses, not 20. Thanks to this new AD policy, which includes use of Single Sign On (SSO) not mentioned in their announcement, it means that instead of paying the premium for Office for just 4 users (in this example) we now need to purchase for all 20… because when the user signs out of office it also deactivates office. I have been fighting with microsoft about this for a month and they just keep saying ‘that is how it works, but i have hundreds of examples of PCs that are activated and shows that it is not how it used to work or continues to work if previously installed. And they miss the point that they advertise 5 activations per user when now they are effectively saying one activation per user.
    For the first time in over 30 years in this business I finally appreciate why so many small companies pirate Microsoft software… they make it so hard to activate per their own licensing terms.

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