MC219483 – Updates coming to Power Platform Governance features (archived)

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Power Platform now supports two new governance features as part of the 2020 Wave 1 release. The status of these features is in Public Preview. Email exfiltration blocking: Ability to block email exfiltration for auto-forward and auto-reply messages sent through the O365 Outlook connector from flows and apps, as needed. DLP Audit Logging: Ability to audit Data Loss Prevention (DLP) create, update and delete changes using O365 audit logging pipeline. Detailed documentation of these new capabilities will be made available>here, as the capabilities roll out to production. What specifically is changing ? Email exfiltration blocking Exchange allows admins to disable email auto-forwards and auto-replies to remote domains (external recipients) by using specific message type headers such as ?Auto-forward? received from Outlook/OWA clients. Similarly, Power Platform now has the inbuilt ability to insert specific simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) headers in emails sent through Power Automate and Power Apps using the O365 Exchange/Outlook connector. These SMTP headers can now be used to set up appropriate exfiltration rules in Exchange for outbound emails. More details of the O365 Outlook connector?s new SMTP headers can be found>here. More details on how to leverage these headers to block email exfiltration using Exchange mail flow rules can be found http://herettps://>here. What specifically is changing ? DLP Audit Logging Data Loss Protection policy activities are now tracked from the>Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center. Microsoft 365 tenant administrators reach the Security & Compliance Center by navigating to> From there, the Audit log search is found under the Search and investigation dropdown. On scrolling down the list, you can see Power Platform DLP activities. What actions do I need to take? Altogether, these features provide powerful new controls and functionality to enhance Power Platform security and governance for your tenant. As a Power Platform admin, you should leverage these new capabilities. As you roll out any new restrictions leveraging these features, you should also anticipate support requests from Power Platform makers and users in your organization that may get negatively impacted.

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