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In response to evolving customer needs, Microsoft is releasing a cybersecurity awareness kit in partnership with Terranova Security. This kit contains three full end user phish and privacy education courses, two videos about how attackers are using the changing situation to target employees, and several blog posts, posters, newsletters, and infographic sheets. Please access your kit here: The kit contains one zip file, and links to three courses that organizational administrators can distribute to their end users, if they choose. These courses are hosted online but are also included as HTML files in the zip files so that admins can deploy and manage those courses in whatever way is most efficient for their organizations. Deploying each unzipped directory to an Internet Information Server (IIS) hosted on an organizationally managed server takes only moments and provides admins with a lot more control over network access and authentication and authorization. If the admin chooses, they can distribute the below links to their end users as well. Any authenticated Microsoft 365 user should be able to take the courses here: Mass Phishing Training Protecting Home Computer Training Privacy Training Microsoft is making these resources available to all of our customers for at least three months. Your use of these resources is governed by the terms detailed in the End User License Agreement included in the zip kit. We hope you'll be able to leverage this kit to educate and inform your organization so that you can stay safe from all the risks associated with phishing campaigns.

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